Two Social Media Management Options


These services are non-refundable.


Option #1

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp program design, execution and monthly monitoring.
  • Weekly core team meeting to ensure best practices are designed and executed well.
  • Your business-related news and events, blog service that is part of your website. 
  • Local effort, guerrilla marketing, to find and drive local white space, untapped market through your doors.
    This, to be supported by weekly sizzling subject line e-blasts, social media ads, white papers
    written and submitted to the local free newspapers, etc..
    This, in conjunction with mass flyer distribution.

$49.99 per month


Option #2

Want to increase your social media reach into the hundreds of thousands?

In less than two weeks, we can do that for you.

       Lay-Away Plan

Worth thousands of dollars but we are charging less than $300.

  There are only three payments.
  The first one is due at checkout.
  Once you are paid up, your marketing campaign starts.


Due*        Amount
At checkout $99.66 USD
Every 1 week (x 2) $99.66 USD
Total $298.98 USD

We calculate payments from the date of checkout.   



           Finance It


Feel free to buy now and pay later.


This gives you opportunity to experience financial increase first. You will be better positioned to pay

the bill, in full, later.