The Green Aide was founded on the idea of investing in people and is a Performance Improvement Specialty shop. We have over 32 years of experience and have helped individuals and small businesses create and/or maintain hundreds of jobs and raise an aggregate of $130,000,000.00. Click here for more information.

Appreciative inquiry is a systems tool that focuses on the positive strengths of an organization. On the way of query, those strengths can foster improvement. This is in contrast to traditional other business analysis and development approaches to approach improvement, change, by pointing out and starting with problems. Appreciative Inquiry begins with looking at what IS working best and building the training, development, and improvement plan around that. Click here.

Business Development Workshops

Small business is what runs America. Our contribution to America's continued growth and sustainability is our free business development workshop. Attend or become a host. Click here.

Health Coverage & Life Insurance

As a small business you have certain challenges that you face daily.

One of the toughest is staff retention. Let us help you attract and keep great staff. Click here.